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Comparison (next)

Taylor vs Selena - Taylor's voice is much better than Selena's - Selena is much more beautiful than Taylor - Selena is more famous than Taylor - Selena is younger than Taylor N1 + to be + (much/a bit) Comparative Adjective (adj-er; more + adj) + than + N2 Jakarta       Jogja     Magelang - Magelang is the smallest city of all - Jakarta is the hottest city - The streets in Jakarta are the most crowded S + to be + Superlative Adjective (the adj-est; the most + adj) - farther --> for distance - further --> for information, explanation No Adjective Comparative Superlative 1. Sexy Sexier The sexiest 2. Bad Worst The worst 3. Good Better The best 4. Pretty Prettier The prettiest 5. Important More important The most important

Possessive Pronoun

Possessive Pronoun (Kepemilikan) Beyonce's voice is much better than Lisza's voice                                                    than her voice                                                    my voice --> mine my - mine your - yours their - theirs our - ours his - his her - hers Student A Student B Student C 25 years old 19 years old 19 years old 157 cm 165 cm 160 cm 45 kg 50 kg 42 kg Student A is much older than Student B Student A is a bit shorter than Student C / Student C is a bit taller than Student A Student B is much heavier than Student C / Student C is much lighter than Student B Student B is as old as Student C / Student C is as young as Student B much --> extreme difference a bit --> a little gap as --> the same state Short Paragraph "It isn't Easy to be A Student" I try to be a good student, b


big - bigger long - longer hot - hotter cold - colder easy - easier busy - busier safe - safer interesting - more intersesting intelligent - more intelligent comfortable - more comfortable beautiful - more beautiful quiet - more quiet I think I'll like my new boarding house. Because this boarding house is near in the other facilities, somelike near the store, laundromat, and more important is cheaper. And the old boarding house is more expensive and very noising, it's far to go to the other place.

Simple Present Continuous Tense

What is he doing? + He is peeking - He isn't peeking ? Is he peeking? Yes, he is Is he running? No, he isn't ? Are they studying? No, they aren't + They are fighting - They aren't fighting He is smelling the flower Simple Present Continuous Tense (+) S + to be + V ing (-) S + to be not + V ing (?) To be + S + V ing? What is the girl in white doing? --> the girl in white is meaning She's wearing something white (for clothing, etc.) She is smiling What is the boy with glasses doing? --> with glasses is used for accessories Describing a scene The bee are flying near tree The old man with glasses holding his rake The cat is hanging in the roof The boy in yellow pant pushing lawn mower The boy with red bucket pointing something The dog is running The girl in pink looking her brother The boy in red turning on the water The old man in blue bringing the stairs

Present Activites (Present Continuous Tense)

My wife is palying with our cat at the moment My Parents are probably attending a meeting now Maybe my parents are still working right now My parents are not working but they're sleeping S + to be + V ing He, She, It + is + V ing I + am + V ing We, You, They + are + V ing They are in the airport They are going to the someplace The boy wearing a cloth with his mother help The Mothers are with their children Manys bag and suitcase Her daughter wearing a red shoes The baby looking to his sister The boys with his doll The woman wearing a watch The man is walking on the floor

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