Possessive Pronoun

Possessive Pronoun (Kepemilikan)

Beyonce's voice is much better than Lisza's voice
                                                   than her voice
                                                   my voice --> mine

my - mine
your - yours
their - theirs
our - ours
his - his
her - hers

Student A
Student B
Student C
25 years old
19 years old
19 years old
157 cm
165 cm
160 cm
45 kg
50 kg
42 kg

  1. Student A is much older than Student B
  2. Student A is a bit shorter than Student C / Student C is a bit taller than Student A
  3. Student B is much heavier than Student C / Student C is much lighter than Student B
  4. Student B is as old as Student C / Student C is as young as Student B
much --> extreme difference
a bit --> a little gap
as --> the same state

Short Paragraph
"It isn't Easy to be A Student"

I try to be a good student, but no matter how hard I try, my parents never seem to be satisfied. They think I should get better in the exam. I should go to campus wear neater clothes and I should be more friendly to my friends. And according to them, I should be nicer, and more sympathetic to their problem.

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