Simple Present Continuous Tense

What is he doing?
+ He is peeking
- He isn't peeking
? Is he peeking?
Yes, he is
Is he running?
No, he isn't

? Are they studying?
No, they aren't
+ They are fighting
- They aren't fighting

He is smelling the flower

Simple Present Continuous Tense
(+) S + to be + V ing
(-) S + to be not + V ing
(?) To be + S + V ing?

What is the girl in white doing? --> the girl in white is meaning She's wearing something white (for clothing, etc.)
She is smiling

What is the boy with glasses doing? --> with glasses is used for accessories

Describing a scene

  • The bee are flying near tree
  • The old man with glasses holding his rake
  • The cat is hanging in the roof
  • The boy in yellow pant pushing lawn mower
  • The boy with red bucket pointing something
  • The dog is running
  • The girl in pink looking her brother
  • The boy in red turning on the water
  • The old man in blue bringing the stairs

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